Friday, March 8, 2013

Autism Speaks, I Want to Say: A Flash Blog

This flash blog is the Autistic community response to the Autism Speaks/Hacking Autism video “I Want to Say”.
The mini documentary is supposed to be about non-speaking Autistic people using AAC to let the world know what they think, what they like or dislike, how they feel.
Instead, the video conveys a not so veiled message that we are not yet the ideal “normal”, we are a “little more acceptable”, but still tragedies. Typical Autism Speaks message.
Besides, Autistic AAC users get very little screen time and we never hear what they want to say. Instead, we hear parents and “experts” using hurtful language to talk about the Autistics portrayed in the video.
If you are a full time or part time AAC/FC user, if you are an Autistic who does not use AAC but believes that all Autistic voices must be heard, or if you are a non-autistic who really wants to listen to what Autistics who use AAC, and all Autistics, want to say, let Autism Speaks know. AAC gives voiceless Autistics a voice and we will not allow Autism Speaks to silence us, again, and keep us out of the conversation about us.
Not good enough, Autism Speaks. Not when you use what gives us a voice to send a message that hurts us.
-Amy Sequenzia


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